Saturday, November 14, 2009

Dixie Makes a Friend

Glinda and her son Munchkin were found at a local community center after being abandoned. Glinda (on right) quickly found a home thanks to the quick actions of Linda who new of a client to her local boutique/doggie daycare who was looking for a new family member. Owner Rebekah met with me to pick up Glinda and deliver her to her new mom. Linda, who adopted Hariette (left) from us, had to chance to meet Glinda at daycare. Don't they make a cute team?

Well, just look at your handy work!
Your two girls got to meet each other last night.
They both sniffed each other and I swear "Ette" knew exactly where
Glinda (now Dixie)
came from. She detected the essence of Heather and Matt!
Dixie usually growls at the other dogs. They were shocked when she just
sat there with Ette.
She just naturally accepted Harriette , like 'Hey, yeah,so  where have
you been?
Dixie is absolutely precious!

Love to ALL!!!

Can you believe it will be three years in a couple of months, that I
adopted Ette?

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Low Allergy, NOT Hypo-Allergenic!

Chinese Crested Dogs, another of the hairless breeds has become a popular companion animal in many homes. Affectionately named the “clown dog”, we like to joke that if they had thumbs we’d all be in big trouble!

Many hairless dogs share similar traits; they have a hairless and coated variety often born in the same litter, the hairless are often missing teeth, they are naturally hardy and healthy, and they tend to recognize and gravitate towards their own kind. Exceptions to the rule include the American Hairless Terrier who is born with a soft downy peach fuzz that diminishes as they reach adolescence. AHT’s do not have the same dental deficiencies as other hairless breeds, and skin issues are rare. Although they do sweat quite a bit!

They are NOT, as many commonly believe, “hypo-allergenic”. Allergies are caused by dander (dead skin), and saliva; both of which all dogs produce. Very few allergies are actually caused by hair, though it is not uncommon. Since hairless dogs require more frequent bathing, less dander is produced, thus less irritation off allergy symptoms. You might call them “low allergy breeds”.

Bare Naked What??

Hairless dog breeds such as the Xoloitzcuintle, Peruvian Hairless, Peruvian Inca Orchid, and Khala are generically considered pila which simply means "without hair”. They are the oldest known dog breeds to live with people. Most of them were used to hunt small game, thus they have a high prey drive. They were raised as guard dogs, for medicinal purposes, and yes, even as food. Now, we consider them friends, companions, and family members.