Thursday, August 5, 2010

Stevie, a Bolivian Kahla for Adoption

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Hello and wags to you! My name is Stevie, short for Sir Stephen the Bold, and I am a very rare hairless breed called a KHALA. KHALA is the Bolivian Quechua Indian word for 'naked,' so I guess I must be native to South America! As far as I'm concerned, I'm native to the place where someone will love me and play with me.

Right now I'm living with a nice foster family who says I'm in 'rehabilitation.' You see, I was homeless for a long, long time, and I became very emaciated and ill. My foster family is fattening me up and having me treated for heartworms, so I won't be available for adoption until early fall. For now, my doctor says I have to be very still until all the heartworms are gone and then I can be 'neutered,' whatever that means. I hope there's food involved! I can't wait until I can run and play in the grassy back yard with the other dogs! I believe my foster mom has my best interest at heart, but why can't I run with the little dogs? The only exercise I'm allowed is tail-wagging, so I do that all the time! When I'm healthy, though, I will be very good on a leash and would love to go for walks with you.

My foster mom says when I reach '45 pounds and holding,' we will all -- that's me, my family, and the other dogs -- get in the car and go for ice cream to celebrate, so I'm eating whatever I'm told and trying to gain as much weight as I can! I love to go in the car, and I'll bet I'll like ice cream too! The other dogs tell me it's heavenly.

I am a KHALA GRANDE, so I'm a big gangly boy. Graceful and agile, but I'm no sissy! I might look like a giant Chinese Crested, and wear clothes to protect me from sunburn and frostbite, but I'm a man's man. I would most like to keep busy chasing squirrels and doing other hound-dog stuff. For now, though, my family lets me snuggle on a blanket with them when I'm not resting in my crate, and I'm confident giving love to anyone who is nice to me. When I love someone, I practically melt right into them!

If you are interested in a great big hairless dog with a fabulous disposition, I just might be the one you need to complete your family! It would be especially nice if you know something about hairless dogs. Our teeth aren't the greatest and we are prone to skin issues because our skin is tender like baby skin, but the best part is that we are smart, joyful, and loyal. My foster family has been buying me clothes, so I will come with a small wardrobe. My favorite shirt says that I am a surfer dude! I'm well-socialized and learning more each day, though my foster mom thinks I will be a 'marker' if not watched properly, but it's just because I'm in a new place (LOL!) and there's a little hairless boy here who marks everything ahead of me. It took me some time to get used to all of the other four-leggers in my foster home, but taken slowly, I get used to everyone and I wouldn't harm a flea.... well, maybe a flea. And I would love to eat that cockatiel that lives on the porch!

My foster family says that my forever home will have to be just right for me, so if you think I might be just right for you, why not submit an application now so I can come home to you in the fall? Just visit and click the How to Adopt button and it will tell you everything you need to know. If you click the Sponsor button and scroll down, you can see a picture of me before I was rescued and read more about my story.

If you want to ask me any questions, just e-mail my foster family at and they'll give me the message.  Remember I am still undergoing medical treatment for heartworms so I will not be ready for my forever home until fall 2010 but my foster mom says she would love to find the perfect home for me now so they can watch me go from a skinny sickly boy to a fat and sassy boy like I should be.

We may get our miracle after all..... 
Stevie did GREAT at the vet's office today.  He is doing so well, and has gained so much weight, that Dr. Hooks is going to HW test him before his next scheduled HW treatment in 6 weeks to see whether he is HW-free and maybe can go on normal HW prevention.  No one expected him to do this well this quickly, but he is a healthy, happy dog, and actually had to be knocked out for today's treatment because he was so rambunctious.  He didn't want to sit still for anything -- he just wanted to roll around on his back and play.
And the best part .... get this.... Stevie is at THE HIGH END OF HIS WEIGHT CATEGORY and is not supposed to gain one more pound (my orders).  He weighs 55 pounds today, and he now has to go on his "weight maintenance" routine until he is allowed to exercise.  WOO HOO!!!
Thanks to EVERYONE for the prayers and support for Little Stevie Wonder.  In another month or so, he should be able to play and go for walks like a normal dog!!  YAY!!
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